Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hello, Internet.

Good day to you, dear Internet Dwellers.

Here's the deal. We like food. We are assuming you like food as well. As ordained by our love of food, We, the Masters of the Kitchen, have accepted our responsibility to cook together. A lot. Unfortunately, we are both limited in what we can eat in very different ways. Sarah is a vegan, so no animal products whatsoever. Shira is vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, and allergic to various GF grains (i.e. rice and oats). Shira also prefer to eat vegan when possible, but it is hard to completely banish eggs from her diet with this plethora of dietary restrictions. Our mission here is to discover delicious foods we can both eat and share our culinary discoveries with you. Sound like a plan?

Added bonus for you! We're both students. "How does this benefit me?" you may ask. Well, seeing as how we are each financially and technologically limited, none of our recipes can be too complicated. Therefore, while we explore the feasibility of various recipes, you can simply mooch off of our knowledge, knowing with certainty that these recipes are both delicious and easily manageable.

Every so often there may be be a recipe that one of us may want to share that is not completely safe for both of us. Don't worry! Everything will be clearly labeled. :) FYI, most recipes will be nut-free and grain-free as well. We are just amazing like that. It's almost as if we have magical food powers bestowed upon us by the culinary fairies.

Shira & Sarah

The lovely ladies in question.

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